Meet Team MOUNT

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Project Goal

We are working on building an electric wheelchair mount for iPads and tablets that will be easily controlled by students with disabilities. Using Servos and an Arduino, the student will be able to move their device with just the push of a button.

Project Partner

David Jackson is a Speech-Language Pathologist employed by the GLASS Cooperative of West Lafayette. He creates individualized education plans for local, West-Lafayette elementary school students with physical disabilities. 

Team Members


Kate Hawkins

Design Lead

Senior in Electrical Engineering


Owen Mamrol

Design Lead

Freshman in First Year Engineering

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Atthin Chandrashekar

Project ArcHIVIST

Freshman in First Year Enginnering 

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Tsz Fung Lo 

Financial Officer

Junior in Electrical Engineering 


Luke Ford


Freshman in First Year Engineering

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Lauren Davern 

Project partner liaison

Freshman in First Year Engineering

"I’m in GLASS to apply my interest in engineering to benefit people in the real world." 

-Owen Mamrol